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بين العمل والرياضة وحياتنا الشخصية… هل التوازن مستحيل؟

سألنا شابّات مصريات عن تجاربهن في التوفيق بين مسؤولياتهن ولأنفسهن أو لحياتهن الاجتماعية.

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Many of us try to get between the pressures of working on a regular time for sport and for her private life, some of us succeed and others who give in to you a terrifying amount of responsibilities, but despite the frustration we do not stop trying.

I personally and almost three times go to pay thousands of pounds for a gymnasium subscription, I am excited in the first weeks and then cut off either because heavy work tasks with my responsibilities swallowed the whole day, or because at the end of the day I became exhausted and lost power without the minimum amount of energy, and with So I can't stop thinking about a way to conserve my private space.

We asked young Egyptian women about their experiences in reconciling work responsibilities, devoting time to sports, and at the same time stealing a special time for themselves or their social life, some of them were able to do it with a lot of effort, and others declared surrender.


I chose "Jim" next to work and used my vacations

Doaa Abdel Aziz (28 years old), decided to participate in a gym next to her work to encourage herself to do exercises at least three times per week, she was afraid that the long working hours might weaken her resolve, especially after she was able to lose more than ten kilograms of weight.

Dua'a could not maintain a rich social life, hardly divided today between work and exercise and sitting with her parents, she says: “Where do I have time to have a social life with gatherings of friends and family and other events? Work is fatal and often forces you to choose between a lot of things like marriage, travel, or even a vacation. ”

The busy life forced her to make a bold decision as she liked his description, and she asked for a month-long vacation to travel to America and only listen. She added, "I learned that what I would miss would be compensated if I were in a good psychological state, while the results would not be good if I was all the time a little gear."


Take my child to the gym

Lubna Mahmoud (26 years old), a marketing official at one of the websites, when she gave birth to her child Malik, who suffered from depression, so she started exercising and followed a diet until she lost the 25 kilograms she gained during pregnancy.

The pressure of working with homework was a real hindrance to her insistence on allocating time for sports, forcing her to take her child to the gym and leave him in a designated area for children until she finished the exercises. Sometimes Lubna needs to ask for help from her mother or from the nursery to take care of her child while she does her work or finishes taking care of her home, commenting: “I often finish my work to go to the nursery to take my child and go to the gym, then I go home to do my homework, sleep late and wake up Early ... It is tiring and sometimes I feel like I'm not going to go on, but I calm down when I see positive results. ”

“Women in Egypt are satiated with responsibility, so even if you are unable to go to the gym, you can keep watching the sports videos spread over the Internet,” she says.


I dedicate a day each week to my girlfriends ... and waited impatiently for him

Afaf Shaheen (32 years old), a physiotherapist, had difficulty reconciling work with going to the “gym” and satisfying her social life, so she decided to devote a steady day every week to meet her friends to engage in any recreational activity and forget about the work completely, to wait impatiently for him throughout the week.

As a physician, she looks at Afaf for sports from a health perspective necessary and not just to maintain weight, so with increasing practical and social pressures, she decided to limit her life as a minimum to practicing zumba dancing twice a week until she had more time. She says, "I am often exhausted by the hard work, but I feel renewed and energetic and empty my negative energy every time I finish exercises. Also, I try to provide my official vacations from work to go to the gym or meet my family."

Afaf has to travel a long and busy road a day, which takes at least two hours, yet she keeps trying to reconcile the three things.


Fight despair and sanctify the details

Eman Rifaat (29 years) is a content writer. For her, balance does not mean accomplishing all tasks at the same time, but rather the ability to absorb the tyranny of one life over the other at a time, and the most important thing is that one of those three lives does not disappear from the normal day as possible .

Eman cannot reconcile her personal life, work, and interest in sport in the ideal way, but despite her repeated attempts, she does not try to pressure herself harshly. She says: "It all depends on reconciling with yourself and not seeking excessive idealism, the entertainment may lie in a pleasant phone call with a girlfriend, a cup of coffee on the balcony of the house or eating breakfast early unusually ... It depends on our view of the details."

Iman believes that in any case, challenges cannot be overcome, especially in the Arab society, which imposes double burdens on women, but despair and its combatant can be overcome, adding: “Let us appreciate that what life takes from us brings it back to us in the form of experience and endurance.”



Don't be shy about asking for support

Hala El-Saqqa, 26, is a government hospital doctor, working simultaneously in an outpatient setting. She says: “Suddenly I became required to take care of my little girl. I was unprepared and spent months crying and accompanying this depression of my excess weight and body shape that did not satisfy me, with time I gathered my courage ... I went back to my work and followed a diet to lose weight and started to regain my being as a woman, and after months I organized Time to go to the gym. ”

She adds: “Every woman must define her goals and not be ashamed to seek support and assistance if she needs her, whether her husband, family, or even neighbors. Follow up with a specialist to keep you healthy and quietly divide your household chores, do not deal with all challenges with rebellious nerves, just get through them gradually. ”



I admit, women suffer more

Issam Muhammad (28 years old, married), as a media and e-marketing official whose work is not related to fixed times, what he always feels is that he must be with his family and wife in the remaining few hours.

He adds: "Striking a balance between family and work and playing sports is very difficult, no one can not pursue his income so we are forced to stay under pressure, personally I paid the participation of" gym "a lot and I could not commit and I had to try to walk an hour a day as the weakest faith."

Issam admits that the pressures on men in Egyptian society are less than those imposed on women, especially if they are a mother, as the prevailing culture forces them to bear the responsibility of raising and homework alone, in addition to the fact that most women have become workers, but from his point of view, this does not reduce that the man He is also under intense pressure.


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جميع الصور مقدمة من الاشخاص الذي تم مقابلتهم.

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